Sex Workers For Choice: Recent Comments 2012-03-06T14:47:12Z Quick Blogcast Comment on Prayer alone is not enough,2012-01-18:15562740 Megan Morgenson 2012-01-18T16:47:32Z 2012-01-18T16:47:32Z Thank you so much for sharing this info!<br /><br />xoM Comment on Prayer alone is not enough,2012-01-12:15326457 pumpkin12903 2012-01-12T20:35:09Z 2012-01-12T20:35:09Z I think it's wonderful that these people prayed with you. That's very needed. But, I do agree that more is needed in these situations. <a href=""></a> -this is a message board for the surviving family/friends of murder victims. The majority of the members are survivors of this type. We provide support and information. <a href=""></a> is a group that also provides support and information. They have in-person support groups for survivors also. All survivors of murder victims are welcome. It isn't just for parents who have had their children murdered. I hope this info will help you. Comment on Prayer alone is not enough,2012-01-10:15189809 Megan Morgenson 2012-01-10T14:33:21Z 2012-01-10T14:33:21Z Love you Sharon! I was thinking of you also when talking about those I admire to Lia. xoxo<br /><br />And I agree with you fully! Prayer is needed...prayer can help strengthen the inspiration, which then turns to motivation, and action. IMO, a good pastor emphasizes that also as a part of the "afterglow"(if you of a strong prayer service, but I guess when one person drops the ball, it can be the motivation for another to pick it up... ;-)<br /><br />Love you, and talk soon!<br /><br />xoM Comment on Prayer alone is not enough,2012-01-10:15189212 Sharon 2012-01-10T12:56:08Z 2012-01-10T12:56:08Z Hey Lia! <br />We should connect! We share a lot in common from what I can see! I've definitely been called "rogue" before, and a reverend...oh and I firmly believe that Jesus loves sex workers! <br /><br />@Megan, I understand your frustration. Prayer does not seem enough but it is the place to start and my prayer was that many would open their eyes to the horrible injustice being perpetrated on Detroit's sex industry and act! I would say that your call to action in this post is an answer to my prayer! There is more that can be done! I believe it starts with prayer and that we are then activated and equipped for service! <br /><br />Much love, <br />Sharon <3 Comment on Prayer alone is not enough,2012-01-09:15144837 Megan 2012-01-09T17:47:29Z 2012-01-09T17:47:29Z Thank you Lia! Anyone reading this that is interested in a sex worker friendly outlet for spiritual development, Lia's site is <a href=""></a> <br /><br />I admire the work you do Lia, and the work of others that helps allow spiritual growth within the sex industry (we can be spiritual AND be a sex worker too!). I was only introduced to the head of Eve's Angels in passing, so do not feel I know her well enough to start making suggestions directly, or know how she would take them...but if that opportunity presents itself, I will certainly pass along your info to her directly.<br /><br />Thank you again for all that you do! <br /><br />xoM Comment on Prayer alone is not enough,2012-01-09:15144036 Lia 2012-01-09T17:15:50Z 2012-01-09T17:15:50Z <span> </span>Megan, if you think they would be amenable to suggestions like this, you'd be welcome to give the org my information... I've been doing support and prayer for a long time, and I'm with you... prayer is good, but it's only the beginning. Comment on An open letter to Ashton Kutcher @aplusk,2011-07-08:11163012 Michael Mindgue 2011-07-08T11:01:43Z 2011-07-08T11:01:43Z Apparently, Ashton Kutcher and his allies have forgotten the law of unintended consequences. Given the evils of sex trafficking, this is understandable. Most humans would and should react to stories of such trafficking with horror and a desire to prevent this evil. <br /><br />We might do well to remember the law of unintended consequences. Perhaps examples from history will remind us. Here is one. Prohibition produced Al Capone. What are some other examples? Comment on OH S.B. 235: Support Anti-trafficking, but beware of broad scope of application,2011-01-17:4409384 Sex Workers For Choice 2011-01-17T17:38:28Z 2011-01-17T17:38:28Z Hi painter11-thank you for your comments and opinion.&nbsp; This bill was actually signed into law before the end of 2010, and did include revisions that avoided automatic designation that clients be considered traffickers unless evidence supports their knowledge and/or participation in that offense. <br /> <br /> Here is the bill that passed the OH Senate:<br /> <br />; <br /> <br /> Here is a news link to coverage of Gov. Strickland signing the bill into law:<br /> <br /><br /> <br /> Megan Morgenson Comment on OH S.B. 235: Support Anti-trafficking, but beware of broad scope of application,2011-01-17:4403345 painter 11 2011-01-17T08:15:59Z 2011-01-17T08:15:59Z Good luck getting people behind this one. Though you make some VERY fascinating points, youre going to have to do more than bring up a few things that may be different than what weve already heard. What are trying to say here? What do you want us to think? It seems like you cant really get behind a unique thought. Anyway, thats just my opinion. Comment on OH S.B. 235: Support Anti-trafficking, but beware of broad scope of application,2010-11-21:3997468 Divinity33372 2010-11-21T21:05:19Z 2010-11-21T21:05:19Z This is great news! Tiny steps forward.