Men that hire sex workers: are you ok with being portrayed like this?

I have a long list of comments about this article, but I do not have
time to write them out now. (stay tuned for that...)

In the meantime, it's important that consumers of sex work understand
how they are being portrayed, and how this will continue to shape laws
and policy making in the era of human trafficking as a hot button
issue. If you do not agree with the portrayal Farley and other
abolitionists/end-demand folks put out there, it's important that you
find ways to voice YOUR experience and thoughts about why you hire or
procure sexual entertainment, how you feel that has effected your life,
and how you feel about the people doing the work.

My follow up will include the *major* problem of only identifying men as
consumers, but also only identifying cis women as workers (trans women
have different issues re: why violence is perpetrated against them as
sex workers), and the obvious lack of objectiveness in the research and
article...but in the meantime, here is one outlet for you to share your
own views:

Daniele Anastasion, a producer for National Geographic Television, is
looking for clients of sex workers (all genders) to interview about
their experiences in seeking out direct erotic services. From what she
told me, they are looking to put together an objective, anthropological
look at prostitution (this is not a full spectrum documentary about all
sex work-only focused on prostitution), representing both sides of the
debate. I am planning on interviewing with Daniele for this project
myself, but for those considering participating, please be sure to ask
whatever questions you need in order to feel comfortable with the scope
of the project and how your information might be used.

You can contact Daniele at through this email:

Please retweet and pass among your respective networks and appropriate
mailing lists.

Megan Morgenson

*Direct #:* 866-843-6873

/*I should have a voice, and a choice

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