Value of Sex Work interviews: 9/18 Detroit, 9/19-22 NYC

Anyone interested in doing a quick (5 min.) audio or video (your choice on comfort level) interview regarding the value of sex work, please contact  All identities confidential.  Material will be used in conjunction with my presentation on if/how sex work has value in society at an upcoming academic conference.  No names or any identifying information will be used.  I will not be documenting any personal info (no formal release needs to be signed), but I will be asking you on camera/audio if you agree to the interview and it's use before proceeding.

Interviewing dates/locations:
Sept. 18 near Detroit Metro Airport
Sept. 19-22 in NYC

My intent is to provide quotes in other people's own voices about how they feel about sex work (good, bad or indifferent) instead of just having my voice be the only one portrayed.  I will also be including interviews from people outside of the sex work community to help offer differing viewpoints, as well as address the issues some cite on how sex work may NOT have value in society.   Right now sex work is not valued enough in our society because it gets lumped together with crime, trafficking, addiction and a whole host of other perceived societal ills.   I feel that for value to be able to be recognized, more needs to be done to help separate and define the many different perspectives of sex work, honoring where it provides benefits, while addressing it's problems at the same time.   Above all, I want to talk about sex work *honestly*, not ignoring opposing viewpoints in order to try and bolster my own points.    

The end result will be about showing how sex work does have value though.  There has not been enough shared about the positives of sex work because of the need for discretion and fear of judgment, let alone legal concerns of those that can give first hand perspectives.  That silence allows the sensationalized trafficking scenarios or glitzy high-dollar Spitzer scandals to define the experiences of sex work, and I know that there is so much more then that.  I'm hoping to provide a safe outlet for some of the more positive stories to be shared. 

Feel free to write with any questions or concerns, and I hope to hear from a great cross section of society.  Men, women, transgender, worker, client, or outside observer, I appreciate any comments you might want to share.  

**please note I am only one person, and I am right now doing this project on my own.  I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion. **  


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