German sex worker interviewed by BBC

This was my breakfast this morning...   I enjoy listening to seasoned sex workers, as they have a way of eloquently stating some of the truths about sex work.  "Sexuality is very important for people, and for some men and women, it's not possible to have this sexuality in a private life and without paying for it."  Straightforward and matter of of many things I love about talking to other sex workers.

I had a hard time with her saying that no one is a victim and that no one would consider themselves a victim if you asked them though...even those being trafficked.  First off, there ARE trafficking situations where people are put to work by FORCE and by force/coercion alone.  There is no "choice" in those situations.  Period.  A 13 year old that is being sold by her mother to migrant farm workers is not making the choice to do sex work...

Some do "choose" sex work for survival because they have limited/no options to support themselves otherwise, and because of the desperate situation, can end up becoming trafficked.  I think that for some in these types of situations, the worker might expect that situation to happen because of the general lack of protection in society for our industry, and because it is so pervasive within that level of sex work.  Those expectations might change the ability for the worker to identify as a victim, although anyone being trafficked, in my mind, is certainly being victimized. 

Also, when we live in a society that does not allow one to choose sex work with honor, and/or legally, I think it is a common defense when caught to cry "victim"'s easier to find leniency, and to not be shunned by non-sex workers if you say you regret what you did...especially when it is a job/topic that many fear and do not understand.

I applaud all those that  come forward and put themselves out there to discuss their experiences about sex work though, and enjoyed hearing this woman's perspective.  This will be the only way to continue to engage in dialogue about the truths within our industry, and for others to gain understanding and appreciation for sex work. 


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